Examinations, Selection and Assessment Department

Dr. SEBAGANWA Alphonse

Head of Department of Examinations, Selection and Assessment

Email: asebaganwa@reb.rw

Phone: +250 785137690

Examinations, Selection and Assessment Department


Functional responsibilities of this Department are the following:

Ø  Reports to the DG of REB on the overall activities of the Department;

Ø  Ensure effective administration and manage workers within his/her department;

Ø  Ensure the implementation of ICT related policies established by the MINEDUC;

Ø  Organize, plan, supervise, coordinate and ensure follow up of all the activities of the department;

Ø  Ensure that there is good collaboration between the department and other Stakeholders of Education;

Ø  To develop and present to the DG and Board the draft of budget of the department for each fiscal year and report on the utilization of the budget allocated to the institution during the previous year;

Ø  Attend all REB Senior Management meetings and provide reports on activities related to examinations, selection and assessment;

Ø  To represent the department externally and develop relationships with other foreign institutions involved in the same business;

Ø  To write quarterly and annual reports on the achievements of the department;

Ø  To regularly inform the general public of the department activities and promote a positive image of REB activities related to examinations, selection and assessment;

Ø  To initiate policy projects; principles,  procedures,  and guidelines related to Examinations, Selection and Assessment;

Ø  To ensure the application of regulations and resolutions of the Board related to examinations, selection and assessment;

Ø  To ensure effectiveness and efficiency of  service delivery in relation with national goals and with reference to Regional,  Commonwealth  and Global Millenium Development Goals;

Ø  To cooperate and consult with relevant ministries, other government institutions, national and international organisations on matters concerning  examinations, selection and assessment;

Ø  To place successful candidates in different schools or Institutions basing on their potential abilities;

Ø  To prepare for higher institutions of learning a performance list of the applicants for that academic year and to monitor their placement in those institutions;

Ø  To lay strategies for examinations, selection and assessment staff recruitment;

Ø  To promote staff  welfare and the development of examinations, selection and assessment in general;

Ø  To sign and certify certificates for  successful candidates;

Ø  To establish the equivalence of diplomas and certificates issued in Rwanda or elsewhere;

Ø  Contribute to education policy.


1. Mathematics & Science Subjects Question Item Bank Unit

2. Arts & Humanities Subjects Question Item Bank Unit

3. Languages Subjects Question Item Bank Unit

4. Examination Management Unit

5. Examination & Learning Achievement Database Unit

6. Selection, Orientation & Certification Unit

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