“Education without Discipline is Incomplete. Whatever we can do without tackling psychology of our students is not enough.” Head of TDM&CGC Department, Mr. Leon N. MUGENZI says during the official launch of Guidance and Counselling training.


A well-known political Chinese personnel , Dalai Lama once said that: “A disciplined mind leads to happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering.” This quote remind us the power of discipline. When it comes to students, it is more than just the word discipline, it is life for today and tomorrow.

Being disciplined is most essential for better education. Discipline is compulsory in students’ life because education is not completed without discipline. It helps students to listen to their teacher carefully and also helps them to understand the whole syllabus. If the students follow the discipline, they complete and achieve their  goals in life, and of course be the good citizens of the country.

It is believed that Career Guidance and Counseling usually involve a range of interventions including Career Education and Counseling that help students develop and use knowledge, skills, and attitudes in making decisions about their study and/or work options and life skills. While guidance refers to services intended to helping students’ whole-person development, counseling intends to help students with personal, social, psychological and emotional problems.

Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB) realized that there is a need to carry out the training countrywide, just to support and equip 570 Deputy Directors of discipline, Patrons &Matrons who are the ones closer to students on daily life. And of course they play the role of School based Counselors in all primary and secondary schools (Public, Government Aided and Private) across the country under the official instruction of Rwanda Basic Education Board.

The training will help Deputy of Discipline, Patrons &Matrons to improve their strategies in being good listeners to students’ concerns about academic, emotional or social problems and help students process their problems and plan goals and action.

During the official launch of Career Guidance and Counselling training on 20 June 2021 in Rutsiro District, Head of Teacher Development, Management and Career Guidance and Counselling Department, Mr. Leon N. MUGENZI said : the Education without Discipline is incomplete, we really believe that this training will help you in your daily duties, and whatever we can do without tackling the psychology of students is not enough.”

Yes, and yes, it is believed that discipline impacts the learning process by creating a stress-free environment for apportioning time to various activities, improves planning through observing and maintaining a set daily routine, moulds learner character and enhances their motivation, enables the setting of good examples and positively contributes to better grades. Elements such as test anxiety, environment, motivation, and emotions require consideration when developing models of academic performance. Various studies have shown a positive link between discipline in learners and their school performance, with the latter increasing with the increase in disciple levels.

Due to the bullet inside the gun of the discipline, quality education will be the result of the trigger of the mentioned gun. “Desired Quality Education cannot be achieved without students’ discipline and accepted good behavior of students.” Head of Teacher Development and Career Guidance& Counselling Department, Mr. Leon N. MUGENZI  underlined during the launch of the training.

It is common believe in our society that Teachers are like second parents, they shape our minds and help us to recognize our talents and goals. To some teachers, it is nothing but a job that pays the bills. But to others, it is their life. Some people believe that the teachers’ primary role is to teach children to behave and to judge what is right and wrong. But on the other hand, teachers play the role of second parents to the pupils. It is they who correct the pupils if something went wrong like what they do on their own children. The teachers also play significant role in shaping the life of the pupils under their care.

In his remarks, Mr.  Leon N. MUGENZI said: “You are the parents of the Nation. Your contribution will never be undermined. Therefore, once you go back to your respective schools, we need you to be role models to others in handling students’ social and emotional problems.”

The magnitude of improvements suggests peer learning may be as important as on the job experience in teacher skills development . Speaking to the participants of the training, Head of Teacher Development, Management and Career Guidance &Counselling Department, Mr. Leon N. MUGENZI mentioned that peer learning is the key, “ Let us all learn from each other and I strongly believe that we shall make a tremendous improvement in supporting our students.”

Speaking to the patron at GS NYAMYIMVA, Mr. Alphonse MUTABAZI says : “The training will help me to change the mindset, remember we have been students too back in the days , where we were trained from different era of today, yet we are dealing with children of another generation as listening is the only key to deal with students when they behave abnormally.”

“ We used to beat students as the major strategy to correct the bad behaviors of the students. We have learned that most of behavior of our students are the result of their daily home life. With the skills gained from this training; the archaic way used in tacking students behaviors, emotions have to be changed, since it can also create another problem or it make worse.” Patron Alphonse  added

MANIRIHO Salomon, a patron at ES APAKAPE in Rutsiro district says: “This is just the blessing for me because I am attending this kind of training at the second time. I attended the first training in 2005. We have learned that a child is always good, only society can change him/her. We used to fail in being closer to students, and ended up blaming them  and now it is time to come closer to students, and that is one thing I am going to do.”

It is expected that the training will support the  school counselors, provide them with an advanced training so that they can discover, understand and perform the proper management and holistic follow up of learners with personal, social, psychological, emotional problems.

Deputy Directors of Discipline , Patrons& Matrons in the training sessions

Head of TDM&CGC Department, Mr. Leon N. MUGENZ answering some curious questions from Deputy Directors of Discipline, Patrons& Matrons.


Salomon MANIRIHO, a Patron from ES APAKAPE in Rutsiro District believes in the power of CGC skills.


Patron, Alphonse MUTABAZI from GS NYAMYUMBA speaking his mind about the training


The key notes well taken by the Deputy Directors of discipline, Patrons and Matrons.

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