In all parts of the world, the penetration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in schools has led to a major transformation of the education landscape. ICT are increasingly seen as an integral part of modern education systems. The education policy makers and implementers are working tirelessly to make ICT as strong pillar of teaching and learning process.

Based on the above highlighted power of ICT, all stakeholders in education are increasingly supporting this target, in addition to their existing contribution to education sector. it is against this concept, the through its social responsibility, Basketball Africa League donated 150 laptops to primary teachers in the City of Kigali in recognizing their  tremendous work to help improve the lives of young people.

Recipients of these laptops are among 4000 teachers from City of Kigali that have been trained from the past four weeks and were also invited to attend one game( Zamalek vs AS Douanes ) at Kigali Arena, Sunday 23 May 20201 , 2PM.

Speaking to the media, Director General of Rwanda Basic Education Board, Dr. Nelson MBARUSHIMANA said:  ”We really appreciate the support of Basketball Africa League, we do believe that these computers will help teachers in preparation of lessons, and of course they will be able to move with the 21st century of technological tools in education."

Teachers who received the laptops were so excited to be given that chance and confessed to use them for teaching and learning process. They also appreciated the free ticket to attend one game of Basketball Africa League.

Recently, Rwanda Education Board (REB) started to deploy one laptop per teacher across the country, and this exercise will only stop once all teachers are digitalized.


Primary teachers were happy to receive the laptops

Teachers were given free ticket to attend one game ( Zamalek vs AS Douanes ) at Kigali Arena


Teachers watched the game ( Zamalek vs AS Douanes ) at Kigali Arena

Director General of REB, Dr. Nelson MBARUSHIMANA ( right), Head of ICTE Department at REB, Dr. Niyizamwiyitira Christine (between) and Delegate of Basketball Africa League (right) paused for a group photo after the game.

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