An American industrialist and a business magnate, Henry Ford said “ Anyone who stops learning is old, whether 20 or 80, anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”; referring to this quote, one can understand the power of continuous learning through different methods.

Rwanda has made great achievement in improving basic education, particularly to ensure that every child has a right to go to school. Teachers and school leaders are key to ensuring that when that child goes to school, she/he receives a high quality education that enables him/her to become successful in life. Therefore, teachers have the power and responsibility to shape the future generations.

Teachers are undoubtedly among the most significant contributors to national development in any country, more specifically to Rwanda. Every teacher qualities, character , qualification and professional competencies are the cornerstone on which successful national development ultimately depends on., that why some people say the contribution of teachers will always be in their memories  of those who passed in their hands.

Government of Rwanda through Ministry of Education is also strengthening the quality of education from the grass-root level of education to higher level, by aiming to transform a nation from an agriculture based economy to a knowledge based economy country, and teachers are the most pillars to use.  There is no more critical need in our society today than preparing teachers/ School leaders who understand the social and emotional needs of the students, however, that can not be achieved when teachers/school leaders do not master the professional and effective leadership standards.

It against this background, through Quality Basic Education Project-SPIU REB in partnership with World Bank and VVOB are aiming forward to improve effective school leadership, teacher competency, student retention and learning and consolidating basic education in Rwanda. This will be realized through enhancing teacher effectiveness for improved student learning , conducive school environment to support student learning and institutional capacity.

Developing professional standards for teachers and school leaders that will guide professional learning, practice and engagement requirements to improve teachers and school leaders’ quality and contributes positively to the public standing of the profession. The teacher and school leaders’ professional standards will enlighten the teachers that they have a major role in bringing desirable changes in teaching, learning process and students’ behavior and help to understand their professional as a teacher and school leader.

In an effort to strengthen the professional competency of school leaders and teachers, Rwanda basic education board (REB) through Quality Basic Education for Human Capital Development Project with the support of World Bank and VVOB developed, validated and printed professional standards for effective school leaders and teacher professional standard and rational for this is to improve the quality of basic education system through empowering teachers with competency and skills at all levels in Rwanda. The total of 24,520 copies of teacher professional standards and effective school leadership standards were distributed in all schools (primary and secondary).



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