REB is coming up with home-grown solutions to monitor the quality and equity of learning in the school system.

The Government of Rwanda ,through REB is implementing the “Rwanda Quality Basic Education for Human Capital Development” Project. The overall objective of the project is to improve teacher competency and student retention and learning in basic education in Rwanda. The project’s main components are enhancing teacher effectiveness for improved student learning, improving the school environment to support student learning and developing institutional capacity to strengthen teaching and learning whereby strenghnening national learning assessment (LARS) is highlighted.

Learning Achievement in Rwandan Schools (LARS) is an educational assessment that is conducted in sampled schools across the country. It is one of the home-grown solutions to monitor the quality and equity of learning in the school system. It is done once in two years and aims at studying the state of learning in literacy, numeracy, and science in Rwandan schools. LARS evaluates learning outcomes based on the criteria and expectations set by the national curriculum. It is designed to assess the performance of the whole educational system, rather than the performance of individual children, who are assessed by national examinations.

Generally, LARS aims at improving education quality by providing policy makers with systematic information about the status of students’ learning outcomes and the extent to which students attain curricular standards and proficiencies in key subjects, identifying areas in the system in need of policy attention, monitoring learning outcomes over time to reflect on progress.

However, as our country has made a tireless effort to enhance ICT in education and in digital learning, it is in this regard that World bank has also initiated a new method in LARS IV roll out assessment shifting from paper-based assessment to digital based learning assessment which we believe it will be more beneficial to learners and the whole system of learning and assessment.

LARS IV roll out started to take place from 15th January to 26th February 2021, subjects are Kinyarwanda, (testing reading fluency comprehension), English and Mathematics (P3), English and Mathematics (P6) and English, Mathematics and Science (S3). The activity is being carried out in thirty districts, with 5,328 students who will be assessed from 295 Schools country wide.


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