ICT in Education, Open Distance and e-Learning (ICT-ODeL) Department


The ICT Education and Open, Distance and E-Learning (ICT & ODeL) Department is responsible for the overall implementation and supervision of ICT in Education and Open, Distance and eLearning activities. This includes infrastructure and technical support, content development, capacity development and teacher training.


Functional Responsibilities


Functional responsibilities of the department are the following:

- Implement and supervise of ICT in Education and ODeL activities in schools;

- Provide overall coordination and quality assurance within the different units;

- Implement the ICT in Education Strategic Implementation Plan;

- Develop research skills of professional staff, using ICT;

- Establish partnerships with similar institutions outside Rwanda.




1. Infrastructures and Technical Support Unit


- Plan, procure, deploy and provide technical support of ICT Infrastructure

- Supervise maintenance and management of ICT infrastructure within the Education sector particularly Internet connectivity, computer equipment and other ICT devices

- Liaise with the National Data Centre and the National Operation Centre within RDB/IT on issues related to connectivity, Data storage and Data disaster recovery system;

- Monitor regular operation of data networks in schools;

- Attend to consumer complaints and carry out repair works, replacing equipment in schools as required;

- Prepare budget for maintenance purposes;


2. Content Development and ODeL Unit


- Plan for and produce digital content;

- Plan for and distribute digital content;

- Liaise with content producers and technology producers;

- Manage and maintain the Rwanda Multimedia Educational Portal;

- Work with the Head of Department of ICT & ODeL to develop and implement strategies in line with Digital Content and ODeL;

- Identify regional and international materials that can be adapted and localized for distribution;

- Identify training need and arrange for training of trainers/educators for the use of Open, Distance and e-Learning in the classroom practice;

- Work with MINEDUC, HLIs and other organizations to arrange that high quality materials produced outside Rwanda are available to improve education quality and accessibility in Rwanda;

- Liaise with appropriate REB departments on the conception, production and distribution of digital contents;

- Work with the Curriculum Department Unit on the planning and arranging for digitalization of content;

- Organize digital content tests;

- Organize outreach campaigns for awareness and dissemination of digital content

- Arrange for training for trainers and educators on the use of multimedia content in the classroom activities;

- Advise REB on relevant actions regarding content digitization for specific groups;

- Organize public awareness programs and media coverage for a wider distribution of digital contents


3. Capacity Development and Training Unit


- Explore different approaches and encourage teachers to employ new technologies on a frequent and sustainable basis;

- Identify preferences and needs of teachers to ensure their commitment;

- Develop projects to assist the development of teachers skills in ICT in teaching;

- Develop training program guidelines and manuals for teachers to help them acquire technology and instructional skills;

- Encourage teachers to be innovative;

- Develop and manage an electronic teacher training management information system; 6 | P a g e

- Liaise with ODeL department to avail necessary digital resources for teacher training;

- Work with other partners in teacher training in ICT.







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