Examination and Accreditation Department (EAD)


The department is responsible for the overall administration, regulation and supervision of national examinations and accreditation in primary and secondary school. 


Functional Responsibilities 


- Manage and coordinate all examination and accreditation;

- Initiate policies, principles, procedures, and guidelines related to Examinations and Accreditation;

- Ensure application of regulations and resolutions of the Board related to examinations and accreditation;

- Ensure effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery in relation with national goals and with reference to Regional, Commonwealth and Global Millennium Development Goals;

- Cooperate and consult with relevant ministries, other government institutions, national and international organizations on matters concerning examinations and accreditation;

- Place successful candidates in different schools or institutions based on their abilities;

- Prepare for higher institutions of learning a performance list of the applicants for that academic year and to collaborate in their placement in those institutions;

- Develop, coordinate and monitor strategies for examinations and accreditation staff recruitment

- Development of examination questions and items bank 






- Plan, supervise, monitor and evaluate activities related to setting, moderating and printing of national Examinations;

- Supervise grading of candidates and results publication.




- Ensure organization of examination administration and marking centres across the country;

- Collaborate with district education directors and inspectors in setting up examination and marking centres

- Manage problems and malpractices arising from examinations administration and marking centres ;

- Ensure that sufficient examinations materials and means of transport for each centre

- Codify examination papers and answer booklets according to the needs of centres;

- Ensure safe storing of examination materials at national level and centres;

- Arrange examination papers according to their levels and subjects;

- Verify payment lists of markers;

- Coordinate and supervise markers during the marking exercise;

- Prepare reports as appropriate.




- Supervise placement of successful candidates in schools, options and institutions of candidates choices;

- Ensure proper storing and handling of marking sheets, diploma and certificates;

- Evaluate foreign attained education qualifications and determine their equivalence with the Rwanda Education system,

- Supervise the setting up of archives management and library system for the unit.




- Create database of candidates with information regarding districts, sectors, bio data, etc.; Produce candidates lists and use these lists to cross-check for any errors with candidates forms and make corrections;

- Produce marking sheets to be sent to marking centres; 6 | P a g e

- Receive filled marking sheets from marking centres and enter marks into the computer database;

- Produce print outs of examination marks and crosscheck these against the hard copies of marking sheets.

- Process examination data and produce statistical reports;

- Analyse results and produce performance statistics;

- Send analysed results to the exam items bank unit for grading;

- Make a final grading list for all subjects;

- Sending final list to the selection, orientation and accreditation's unit.










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