Education Quality and Standards Department (EQSD)


The Department is responsible for setting standards and norms for quality education in Rwanda. It also sets standards and norms for school construction, supervision and monitoring of school construction.


Functional Responsibilities 


- Coordinate all activities of the department that include: inspection of schools in all regions, as well as school construction.

- Prepare standards for quality education;

- Prepare the Education Annual report on the situation analysis of education at all levels of education with exception of higher learning institutions





1. Regional Inspection


The responsibilities of Regional Inspection are:

- Arrange for and conduct inspection of schools in the Districts that fall under its jurisdiction;

- Participate in the establishment of the standards for quality education;

- Follow up on the implementation of educational legislation and policy, the implementation of programs and other official instructions from the Ministry in the field of education and of school education in the region under supervision;

-Follow up on how teaching and learning take place and the environment in which they do plus an assessment of how the administration of schools in the region under his/her supervision is conducted.

- Report on findings of inspections in the region under their responsibilities;

- Participate in the training of inspectors, teachers, head teachers and staff of schools in collaboration with the other services concerned with this activity;

- Follow up on inspections of schools and other related activities in the region; 


2. Pedagogical inspection


- The following are the responsibilities of the unit

- Inspect schools and the teaching and learning of all subjects at all levels of schools;

- Participate in the establishment of inspection standards for all subjects;

- Follow up on matters of teaching and learning of all subjects;

- Identify and analyse problems related to programs, textbooks and other materials as well as to examinations;

- Inspect teachers of all subjects and prepare an inspection report on each inspected teacher

- Participate actively in ongoing training of teachers on all subjects in collaboration with the other services concerned with this activity;

- Provide advice and suggestions to teachers on innovations in learning and teaching of all subjects;

- Prepare quarterly and annual reports on the situation of the teaching of all subjects


3. School construction


- The following are the responsibility of the director of the unit

- Participate in the budget preparation and execution for education infrastructure;

- Identify project, conduct feasibility studies and prepare budget proposals;

- Design and prepare standard plans for Education Infrastructure;

- Analyse the standards for educational infrastructure and determine requirements for space, furniture and equipment

- Prepare cost estimates and specification of materials for Education Infrastructure 

- Develop policies and establish norms, standards and regulations for the construction/rehabilitation of educational infrastructure as classrooms building and sanitation facilities

- Supervise, control and monitor construction works as well as maintenance of schools infrastructures;

- Participate in handing over of school buildings.






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