Curriculum & Pedagogical Materials Department (CPMD) 


The Curriculum & Pedagogical Materials Department (CPMD) has the responsibility to ensures that all school curricula are well-understood and effectively used by teachers via regular visits to schools, training seminars to orient teachers, periodic reviews, research and evaluation of curricula. Curricula and Pedagogical Material Development Department attaches great importance to ensuring continuing education and training.



-  To produce high quality and appropriate curricula and teaching
-  To buy textbooks 
-  To train teachers on the use of produced curricula and teaching materials 
-  To ensure that materials distributed are correctly used by teachers and learners


 Main activities of CPMD


-  To develop and distribute quality general education curricula for Pre Primary; Primary, Secondary.
-  To develop and distribute teaching and learning material, guides, teaching methods for primary and secondary schools
-  To revise the curriculum,
-  To revise syllabuses when needed. 
-  To review teaching aids for Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary programs.
-  To conduct in-service training for teachers on the use of syllabuses
and teaching materials to ensure their well understandings.
-  To cooperate with other partners in the development of the 
Curriculum and pedagogical materials.
-  To conduct in-service training for teachers who are involved in
carrying out experiments and trials of any syllabus and to orient them
on the use and exploitation of curricula and teaching materials.


The Department has 2 Units

1. Languages and Humanities Unit

Activities of the Unit

- To prepare
- To revise
- To monitor curricula of Languages and Humanities 
- To train teachers on the use of these curricula and other instructional Materials.


2. Science Unit

Activities of the Unit

- To design, develop, produce and distribute teaching materials such as curriculum, teacher’s guides and learner’s text books.

- To experiment teaching materials such as curriculum, teacher’s guides and learner’s texts books.

- To design teaching aids that are not printed in order to supplement learner’s text books.

- To ensure follow-up and evaluation of curriculum, teaching methods and text books.

- To undertake research aimed at improving the quality of curricula.


Competence based Curriculum




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